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If you’re passionate about the link between self-development, mindset, travel, or lifestyle and you want to write for us, we’d love to hear from you.

Join The Lost Lot Creative Community.

The Lost Lot is a community of like-minded individuals, who are living and learning their own individual journey’s thorough life. We’re a group of everyday people finding everyday solutions to topics that matter to our generation. We all encounter individual challenges, yet how we overcome them through growth can be a useful tool for something else going through the same thing, so the core focus of our work is to provide actionable content to our audience. 

We’re looking for contributors and content creators with a growth mindset who have the values of The Lost Lot engrained in their content (Self Development, Action, Positivity, and Real Life Relevant). You’re not required to have any formal qualification in English, or creative writing, however, we are looking for those who are growing their portfolio of writing and have a passion for expressing themselves through their content. Whether you’re new to the game, or a seasoned pro, we’d love to hear from you.

It’s important to be able to showcase some existing writing experience, so upon connecting with us, don’t be afraid to sing your praises about your previous work.

Note: Please do not contact if you are part of a team looking for links to an existing for-profit business. We are more than happy to take on individual content creators for our Lost Lot Community, but for further business partnerships, please contact our team on

Requirements to Join The Lost Lot Creative Community

  • Good level of English language and grammar
  • A good level of understanding of your chosen field/topic
  • A passion for wanting to help and share with others
  • Evidence of previous writing/video/photography work online

The Lost Lot Audience

Our audience is all genders, although primarily (but not exclusively) within the millennial age range of 18-38. They, like us, are searching for direction through growth, so it is important that any content meets the Lost Lot Values and provides relevant meaningful content.

Topic Areas

The Lost Lot covers three main areas: Mindset, Travel & Lifestyle. This then breaks down further into sub-categories, so if you have a passion or background in any of the following (or maybe even something not listed), we’d love to hear from you.

Mindset – Wellness / Growth / Education / Mindfulness / Habits

Travel – Work & Travel / Gap Years / Holiday Travel / Study Abroad Travel / Solo Travel / Couple Travel / Female Travel / LGBTQ+ Travel / Cultural Exchange / Summer Camps / Volunteering / Au Pairing / Backpacking / Season Work / Friends Holidays / Festivals / City Breaks / Staycations

Lifestyle – Health & Fitness / Mental Health / Career / Technology / Content / Hobbies / Relationships / Friendships / Environment & Climate / Outdoor Activities

Content Guidelines

  • Solid English writing knowledge, including accurate grammar and spelling (running it through the free Grammarly software will iron out any basic errors)
  • Blog posts must be at least 800 words long, to ensure we can optimise properly for both the reader and SEO purposes
  • If you have an image you wish to use, you must own the rights and allow us to then use that image, for which we will then credit you. For articles, we will find the appropriate articles.
  • It’s important to remember basic SEO practices, so it is highly encouraged to decide on at least a main keyphrase/keyword and ensuring that there are relevant outbound links throughout the piece. We will only link out to relevant and trustworthy sources. 
  • Content must be unique to The Lost Lot and not found anywhere else.


  • As above, any photographers/videographers applying should own any of the pieces of content they use and allow The Lost Lot to freely use this on the website, on the understanding that full credit is given back to the Creator in question.
  • For articles, The Lost Lot team will find and images, so this is not required by content creators.


  • Please ensure you have self-edited before sending an article. Free software like Grammarly is fantastic for picking up grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
  • Our editor may make a few small changes for SEO and readability purposes.

Submission Process

If you want to write for us here at The Lost Lot, you can find our simple steps in our Submission Process here.

Benefits of The Lost Lot Creative Community

If you want to write for us here at The Lost Lot, The Lost Lot Creative Community is looking for you.

Experience & Exposure

We’re delighted to take on up-and-coming writers and aspiring bloggers to share their content with the world. You’ll be able to further your writing experience and increase your network, both within the Lost Lot and externally, too.

Content Creator Bio/Area on Website

Once you have three pieces of work on the site, you’ll be added to The Lost Lot Creative Community section, where you’ll have your own bio/area, in which you are welcome to link back to any personal blog you may have.

Upcoming Community Additions

We’re hoping to have an inter-team communication channel within the not-too-distant future, where you’ll be part of a like-minded mastermind group of creatives. This is just one of many ideas we’re hoping to soon implement.

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