9 of The World’s Most Adventurous Jobs (and How to Land Them)

You’ve no doubt heard the old “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Although you’ll still feel like you’ve got tough days and it most definitely still…

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12 Tips for Working From Home Effectively During Lockdowns

The’ pandemic that has swept the planet has left us all in no doubt that our lives have been altered for the foreseeable future and this impact is being felt across all areas. If…

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14 Key Life Skills That Should Be Taught in School

After finishing high school, the ‘real world’ is inviting us to make mistakes and to learn from them. Yet, certain things could do with an element of education, as big life…

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11 Tips for Freshers That All First Years Need to Know

Your first day as a ‘fresher’ is a unique, daunting experience. Nerves and excitement tangle together into a long day which flies by, as you try to recall the many “tips for…

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How to Save Money at Uni: 15 Simple Ideas

Stretching hard-earned summer wages across an academic year is standard practice for students, yet how to save money at uni is a different proposition altogether.

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Hate Your Job? Here’s 7 Benefits of Sticking With It

If there’s one thing that a job you hate does well, it is that it focuses your mind on something you actually want and your true values.

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9 Jobs For Those Who Want a Career in the Travel Industry

For those of you who have heard “do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”, you have no doubt thought about a career in the travel industry.

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How to Secure a Backpacker Job in New Zealand

It’s impossible to argue against the sheer natural beauty that you can find across both North and South Island, with expansive plains being matched by towering mountain ranges.

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7 Ways to Cut Out Toxic Friendships And Live A Happier Life

Friendship isn’t just about validation. Friendship is help, support, growth, compassion, honesty, and more. It is more than making you feel good at a certain time.

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