8 Platforms That Will Help You In Finding a New Hobby

When life’s becoming dull, it’s important to shake it up and be creative. Maybe your routine is sapping the fun away, and you’re allowing Netflix to become your default ‘copy and…

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8 Areas of Life That You Can Develop Each Day

By highlighting areas of life, it allows you a birds-eye view in mapping out your life. Whether for goal-setting or reviewing how you’re doing, these areas dissect life apart,…

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How to Clear Your Mind: 8 Tips to Combat Overthinking

If you’re finding yourself overthinking, with a crowded stream of emotions and a mind in overdrive, then you’ll need to learn how to clear your mind.

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10 Easy Morning Habits to Help You Seize Control of Your Day

If you’re looking at setting your day up for success, then loading your routine with good morning habits will help you do it.

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How to Stop Procrastinating in 8 Action-Orientated Steps

When you’ve got a long to-do list, yet a much shorter attention span, it’s far too easy to get lazy. Social media, game consoles, and Netflix take over, and your productivity…

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Drifting Through Life? Here’s How to Disengage Your ‘Autopilot’

Ever have those moments in life where you reflect on the past week, month, or year, and think “where has that time gone, I hardly remember doing anything with it?” Almost by…

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9 of The World’s Most Adventurous Jobs (and How to Land Them)

You’ve no doubt heard the old “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Although you’ll still feel like you’ve got tough days and it most definitely still…

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12 Tips for Working From Home Effectively During Lockdowns

The’ pandemic that has swept the planet has left us all in no doubt that our lives have been altered for the foreseeable future and this impact is being felt across all areas. If…

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14 Key Life Skills That Should Be Taught in School

After finishing high school, the ‘real world’ is inviting us to make mistakes and to learn from them. Yet, certain things could do with an element of education, as big life…

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11 Tips for Freshers That All First Years Need to Know

Your first day as a ‘fresher’ is a unique, daunting experience. Nerves and excitement tangle together into a long day which flies by, as you try to recall the many “tips for…

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