6 Techniques For Fighting Post University Blues

It’s important to remember that a chapter closing means another one is about to open. Who would’ve known that when you left your parental home for the first time and went to…

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8 Ways Deleting Social Media Apps Will Improve Your Mood

Social media has become the gateway to news for a large part of the population. Whether that be topical global issues, or what your auntie Sandra is eating for dinner on a random…

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8 Techniques for Overcoming Self Sabotage

Sometimes in life, we can be our own worst enemy. It can affect anyone, regardless if you’re a confident person, or you struggle with your self-perception. Situations can arise…

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How Travel Can Encourage a Life Changing Shift in Your Career

Travel creates memorable moments, but it also provides essential experience. By working abroad when you travel, you'll be gaining valuable professional experience which can take…

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What is your ‘Stone of Life’ and Why Does it Matter?

The Stone of Life is a term coined by Dr Steve Peters, in his book, The Chimp Paradox. It's a set of rules in your life that can help guide your decisions.

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How to Get a Job in Australia if You’re a Backpacker

Australia is the land of the backpackers. Opportunitity is aplenty, for those that can aford it. For those asking "how to get a job in Australia", read on.

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How a Powerboat Qualification Can Kickstart Your Dream Watersports Career

A watersports career may seem like it's reserved for those lucky enough to be brought up on a wakeboard or waterskis. But with the right preparation and qualification, you can…

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14 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health When Travelling

Travelling provides a thrilling mix of moments and people. But sometimes it's overwhelming, so it's important to protect your mental health when travelling.

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The Importance of the Content You Consume

Fuelling the body with the right nutrients is well-accepted as being an essential practice in healthy living. Yet, we do not pay the same level of respect to our most important…

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