Should I Go to University? The Pro’s and Con’s of Higher Education

In our society, there are certain enforced crossroads, with education being one of them. When you reach this fork in the road, the “should I go to university” question……

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Not Everyone Will Like You (And That’s Okay)

No matter how much you struggle to find yourself in an inner circle, I’ve got news for you; not everyone will like you (get used to it, as that’s okay).

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Why It’s Important to Learn How to Say No

Have you ever agreed to something which has led to a scenario that you haven’t enjoyed, or you’ve been on the end of an outcome you wish you hadn’t? then there’s a strong chance…

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Avoiding Negativity is Impossible; Here Are 8 Methods to Dilute Bad Vibes Instead

If your goal is avoiding negativity altogether; you’re going to come up way short. Within reason, everything is in some form of balance. The good comes with the bad. Now, that’s…

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Want to Change Your Life? Then Change Your Environment

Although you can be steadfast in what you believe, closing your mind to the impact of the environment around you will never allow you to grow. Simply put, your environment does…

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What is Imposter Syndrome and How Can You Combat It?

Have you ever been in university or work, faced with a daunting task and had that unnerving sense that you’re not meant to be there? As though you’ve fluked, chanced, and winged…

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Stop Putting Toxic Productivity Before Your Mental Health

There is a fine line between what is good for us and what isn’t. In a society that glorifies output, and within the current comparison era of social media, the ‘keeping up with…

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How Travelling Alone Can Inspire Positive Change in Your Life

Travelling alone means it’s all on you. You’re not shifting blame or responsibility on this trip. But it also allows you to claim your journey, the physical and metaphorical, to…

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8 Life Truths I Learnt After Finishing University

Finishing university was a bittersweet moment. When you’ve worked so hard towards a goal, a target which you've held above your head for over 3 years, it’s hard not to feel a…

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What To Do After University: 6 Possible Routes After Graduation

This time when you finish university is a bit of “buffer” time. Your entire life will not depend on one wrong (or right) turn here. Enjoy your freedom and allow yourself the time…

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