Encouraging positive change in the lives of young adults through everyday growth.

About the Lost Lot

Real-life challenges. Real-life storytelling. Real-life people.


Like everyone else in our generation, we’re all searching for direction.

Whether professional or personal, life can throw up challenges that can make us ask “where am I going?”, or “what shall I do with my life?”.

Positive change comes from the thousands of smaller steps in the right direction until you arrive where you want to be. The Lost Lot exists to not only encourage those small steps but to also remind you; we’re all on this crazy journey together.

Millions of other young adults face similar real-life challenges to yours, in each area of life. By identifying a small area of change you’d like to make, you’re already on your way towards it. It’s important to celebrate overcoming these small hurdles in a like-minded community.

The Lost Lot focuses on being an honest, self-development platform for young adults, centered on every day topics that matter to you. Self-development takes many forms, none more so than through your mindset, your lifestyle and why you travel. From these three core areas, hundreds of other categories and opportunities arise to take your first step.


There are no gurus here. No experts claiming to have all the answers. Just honest answers from everyday people who have been through these challenges themselves.


We’re all here to spark the conservation around blazing a new trail ahead.

To encourage us to encourage each other.

Yet most of all, to display the fact there’s an opportunity to create positive change in your life through everyday growth.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu.

The Lost Lot Values

The Lost Lot aims to be a catalyst for positive change, and to do so, we ensure that we’re guided by our 4 main values below.

Self Development

Putting self-development front and centre as a crucial element for growth.


Action is vital to taking strides forward, so one step in front of another keeps you moving in the right direction.


Finding opportunities amongst the challenges.

Real Life Relevant

We ground our storytelling and guidance in what's important to our everyday growth.