In both our professional and personal lives, a daily routine brings results.

Some may prefer a rigid, tried and tested daily routine, whilst others prefer less structure and more freedom in their day-to-day lives. We all have our own way of doing things, and due to our individual uniqueness, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer.

Yet, even for routine lovers, a strict plan can become repetitive and feel like some spark of creativity is missing. If you rely on ‘what you’ve always done’, then the daily routine can create a comfort zone, even subconsciously, that can stop us from growing, challenging ourselves, or acting spontaneously.

Many of us would put our hands up as people who enjoy having a structure to their day, citing increased productivity at work, as well as getting through to-do lists and ‘life admin’ promptly in the real world.

Yet this repetition can dim your spark. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, you may have found yourself feeling deflated, or lacking ‘enough time in the day’ to be creative. But this myth in your head needs busting, as there are so many unique ways to be creative in your daily routine.

It is important to remember, being ‘creative’ doesn’t mean you have to be an artist, photographer, writer, or designer. We all have creativity within us, just different amounts and different ways of expressing it throughout our daily lives. Don’t forget that.

Here are 9 easy tips to inspire your inner creative during your day and to bring some colour to your daily routine. 


Get a good amount of sleep

A cup of tea on a bed side table.
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Set your day, and yourself, up correctly.

Getting 7–9 hours is recommended for adults; but some need more, some need less.

Children, careers, and morning routines may determine your sleep for you, or perhaps you work best on less sleep. Whatever amount of time works for you, be consistent.

Sleep boosts your immune system, mental wellbeing, helps prevent illnesses, boosts your productivity and concentration to name a few things. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of unwinding before bed, to help you get to sleep. This could be; taking a bath, reading a book, avoiding your phone, or writing your to-do list for the next day.

Focus on improving the quality of your sleep and your following day will thank you for it.


Don’t immediately reach for your phone and start scrolling when you wake up

Texts and emails can wait. They are not going anywhere.

By beginning your day going through a long list of notifications, you are feeding that FOMO feeling, because of your desire to catch up on the past 9 hours you have been offline. This is unnecessary mental stress.

As much as you may wish they’d go away, text and emails are not going anywhere either. They will wait an extra half an hour, so don’t get distracted before you have even started your day.

A more productive and creative morning routine may include journaling, meditation, exercise, cooking breakfast or reading. You can control this time in the morning before your day ahead, so make sure these activities empower and engage you.


Listen to music

A set of headphones resting on top of vinyl records.
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Let your mind and body be free.

Dance a little. Sing a little (even if you are out of tune like the majority of us). This will get your positive hormones going and in turn, make you smile, feel positive, and ready for the day ahead. Music is creative, and listening to your favourite artist or discovering new songs will transfer this creativity to you.


Listen to a podcast

From comedy to business and everything between; try something new.

However much time you have, on your commute to and from work, while you have your lunch or get your steps in for the day, there is a podcast you’d enjoy. Take the time to search out, follow or download some, ready to press play during your day.

From making you laugh to considering a different perspective on something, podcasts will inspire creativity.

Check out the Top 10 Podcasts I Listen To For Self-Development for some great recommendations.


Experiment with everyday tasks

Different coloured clothes on a drying rack.
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Let your imagination run wild and change your mindset around chores being boring.

Try a new dinner recipe, be creative when gardening, or simply play some music when doing your chores.

Just because you’ve ‘always done things in a certain way’, doesn’t mean you have to from now on.


Set a creative goal

If you’ve ever dreamed of chasing a hobby or passion, yesterday was the best time to start, and today is the next.

Take a leap and learn something new, like pottery or photography. Perhaps you want to restart an activity you used to do and whatever it is, write it down. You are more likely to achieve your goal if you write it down because you free up space in your subconscious mind to allow it to be creative and work towards the goal, rather than ruminating around it.



Establish a calm state of mind.

Don’t expect results after one meditation. It takes practice, but with focused time, you can reduce negative thoughts each day, improve rumination, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness, generate kindness and increase your attention span.

There are so many ways to meditate (guess what I am going to say), so be creative with it!

If you are new to meditation, follow along to a YouTube video, download an app and with practice, you will find your own method that you can use anywhere, anytime.



Take time to reflect on your day and week.

There are so many benefits to journaling on our mental and psychical health and on outlook on life. Even on days when you don’t think you have much to write about, pick up your pen and jot down at least 5 things you are grateful for.

Not only can journalling unlock creativity inside you and inspire you to try new things, but you can also be creative with the act of journalling. Draw pictures, doodle, write in different fonts, it is a safe space and time where your inner creative can come alive.



Two runners out early having worked exercise into their daily routine
Photo by Geronimo Giqueaux on Unsplash

Get those endorphins flowing.

Whatever your chosen form may be, never underestimate the power of movement on your health and happiness.

Even if you do not enjoy the moment when you’re doing those sit-ups or running, you will be thankful for those mood elevator hormones afterwards that can empower your creative juices.

Not only that, many find exercising helps clear their mind and focuses them, which can also leave your mind freer to think and be creative.


Creativity empowers innovative thinking and actions which can help us balance our daily routine, no matter if you prefer structured or unstructured.

Once you start to incorporate more creativity into your daily tasks or do activities that inspire and make space for creative thinking, you will soon not be able to live without it. It’s these small, free changes you can make to life which will add up to make a huge difference in the future.


We’re always interested to hear what works for you, so share activities that spark your inner creative with us. We are always looking to try new things and as a community, we can learn from each other.


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