We’re all guilty for not appreciating what’s on our doorstep and not taking what’s known as a staycation.

As we look to the horizon, planning our next escape over it, it’s very easy to get caught up in a ‘grass is greener’ mindset.

If we take time to look closer to home, we’ll find that there are many incredible things to do right here in our country, which we didn’t even know existed. This is a staycation.

Small weekend excursions each week, ticking off fun activities and seeing incredible landscapes. It can be just as rewarding as one main sun holiday each year (although yes, the sun is a big motivator to get away, we agree).

There are tons of benefits in exploring your home country, so in an age of closed borders, a staycation may be encouraged for the foreseeable too.


There are a huge range of things to do on a staycation

A man surfing in Wales at sunset.
Credit: Carl Jorgensen, Unsplash.

It’s not just nice walks through the Cotswold countryside, or big tourist cities like London that capture attention in the UK.

For those seeking beauty, there’s towering peaks, expansive lakes and (believe it or not) some beautiful beaches dotted around. For the adventurous, you can go coastal climbing in Devon, surfing in Wales, wakeboarding in Manchester, paragliding in Yorkshire and whatever else gets your blood pumping.

There’s something for everyone, it just takes planning.


You’ll gain a new appreciation of how beautiful the country is

Credit: Annie Spratt, Unsplash

In the UK, we can be a bit cynical, or self-deprecating.

That’s part of our nature and our humour. But if you look at some areas from an unbiased view, there’s so much on offer. The cliffs of Dover, the Cotswolds, the Lake District and Scotland are just a few examples of breathtaking beauty we take for granted.

With the UK being a small region, you’ll always be within a few hours drive of somewhere special for a staycation.

A staycation is more accessible for more people

A group of friends at a festival.
Credit: Aranxa Esteve, Unsplash

We’ve all got a mate that, for one reason or another, doesn’t have a passport.

Or one with a criminal record. Or one who hates flying. By staying in the UK on a staycation, you’re not putting people in an awkward scenario or forcing them to miss out. They’re your mates, and you should do your bit to make sure your group looks after one enough. If that means you all go camping in the UK together to ensure you’re all there, so be it.

It’ll be that much more fun with you all there and contributing.

There is less travel time, so need to use your work holiday days

A group of friends in the sea in the UK.
Credit: Robert Bye, Unsplash.

There are no airport waits, boring transfers or long flights when it comes to a staycation.

Hop in your car or onto public transport and set off. The UK is well connected, so it won’t take too long or be too difficult to get to wherever you need to go.

Weekend trips are easy, so an early Saturday to late Sunday trip means you’ll save those previous work holiday days for another time.

There will be less stress

Credit: Viktor Forgacs, Unsplash.

No worries about losing your passport, or dealing with 3-hour queues in customs.

Even though you’ll be heading somewhere new, there’s a degree of comfort in the fact it’s your own country, meaning you can focus on enjoying it.

Plus, no matter where you go, there’ll be a Greggs or a Wetherspoons, so you’ve always got your go-to backups.

You’ll save money

A group of friends at a festival in the UK.
Credit: Aranxa Esteve, Unsplash

Even the so-called ‘small weekend trips’ abroad have a habit of financially spiralling.

Plus, we all know that ‘holiday spending’ doesn’t count when you’re away. It’s when you’re back that you realise those 30 euro rounds, 10 times a night, doesn’t make much sense. Throw in the initial cost of flights and accommodation and you’re about £600 down for a 3 day weekend. Fun, but expensive.

If you went for a day, or even a weekend trip, in the UK, it’d be quite a shock to spend even half of that.


It’s easier to want to look out further, to expand our horizons by taking in new sights and experiences.

But let’s realise, you can do this here in the UK. By no means stop travelling abroad. It is an act of freedom which allows you to see the beauty in the world and the various cultures and people you interact with.

But by taking pride at home and having a staycation, we can include others and have a better time more often.


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