Sometimes life can feel a little stale. Monotony creeps in, where it begins to feel like Groundhog Day, living the same day over and over. If this sounds like you, then it’s time for you to find some new hobbies to try.

It’s well known how our life breaks down into areas. Roughly speaking, you have a third of your life asleep, a third at work, and a third to do whatever you want with it. The latter is what we’ll focus on.

Ask yourself, “how am I spending my third?”. Considering you’re reading this article about new hobbies to try, you’re well aware you’re not making the most of those eight hours a day. You’re likely wasting them, with vices such as TV or social media, or you’re not maximising your return from them.

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be super-efficient and force some version of output. But you need to get a return from those eight hours, whether that be happiness, being content, or whatever else works for you. When you don’t, you’re in a ‘meh’ mood. Where you feel bored, a little anxious for doing nothing, and an underwhelming sense of non-achievement with your time.

Humans crave adventure. That doesn’t have to mean new countries and trails, but it’s about discovery. Doing new things, trying stuff, having fun failing, and learning. It’s a figurative adventure as much as a physical one, and this is why having new hobbies to try can fulfill that need.

So if you’re looking at filling your eight hours with something a little more exciting, then here’s our list of new hobbies to try.


Bouldering/rock climbing

Bouldering has taken off in the UK recently, with centres popping up everywhere.

Bouldering, unlike rock-climbing, is without ropes, which adds an extra thrill and gets you thinking of how to attack the route ahead. For those that hate the gym, bouldering is an incredible workout.

With different colour (difficulty) climbs, there’s something for everyone.


Martial arts

The number of martial arts disciplines means there’s something for any interest.

With the rise of mixed martial arts, more people have become interested in competing.

But it’s also for those who want to get fit and learn, with anything from ju-jitsu to karate normally available in local leisure centres and clubs.



For those who think they’re the next Bob Ross, painting is high on the list of new hobbies to try.

Painting puts you in an almost meditate state, where you’re not thinking about anything else but the canvas in front of you. You can get some cheap material from local arts and crafts shops, meaning that it is a super easy hobby to enter.

If you’ve got a creative flair, then you can express it through art in your spare time.



People always go to ‘playing an instrument’ when they think of music as a hobby, but that’s not the only thing.

If you’ve got an ear for a tune and fancy being the person who controls the crowd, then DJing could be for you.

With the price of decks, mixers, and MIDI controllers coming right down, there’s been a rise of ‘bedroom DJ’s’, who do it for the love of the music.


Ice skating

If you live near a rink, then ice skating is a fun and challenging workout to get involved in.

You don’t have to be diving headfirst into ice hockey, but the enjoyable procession around a freshly swept sheet of ice.

Once you learn the basics of ice skating, you’ll be able to enjoy the ride.



If you’ve got some natural rhythm, why not make the most of it through dancing?

If you’re shy, then you can learn the basic steps through online videos in your own home.

But when you get out there and try local beginner classes, you’ll be able to get expert feedback from the instructor, to help hone your skills.


Learn a language

In the UK, we tend to be blinkered with languages, as we’re lucky most speak English globally.

But if you’re someone who would love to converse in another language and be able to immerse yourself deeper in that country, then learning a language should be one of the new hobbies to try.

There are loads of language-learning apps that have popped up, whilst local colleges will also offer evening classes, as well as individual local tutors.


Start a blog

For people who have a passion for a certain niche, why not start a blog?

With the rise and cheap dominance of WordPress, blogging has never been so accessible.

Whether you’re interested in writing or wrestling, setting up a blog to share your knowledge is one of the easiest things you can do from your bedroom.


Visit new museums and libraries

Museums and libraries around the UK are some of the most spectacular pieces of architecture we have.

There’s always an aura when you enter these historic buildings. Immersing yourself in history or literature can take you on a story that will rival that of any Netflix series.

Losing yourself in there for a few hours is good enough, but you may even learn something too.



The development of camera phones means everyone can capture a shot, but learning the basic essentials of photography can take them to the next level.

No, you don’t have to invest in all sorts of fancy equipment (although some of it helps).

But understanding your angles, lighting, and other features will make your images stand out from the crowd.



Getting out into the fresh air has a well-known number of benefits, so choose your vehicle.

Whether that be your own two feet or a bike’s two wheels, running or biking has no set course, time, or requirement.

If you’re out of shape, begin slowly and work up, until you’re then competing against yourself.



If you’ve always fancied yourself as a strike master, getting involved in a bowling club could be the way to go.

Competitive leagues go ahead most weeks for those who want to aim for a perfect game.

However, if you fancy doing it for fun, you can get a membership to allow you on the lanes until your heart’s content.



Watersports provide the ultimate thrill off-land.

Being on an island means we have loads of opportunities to get in the water, with great surf spots around the UK.

The popularity of watersports has meant loads of centres have popped up, meaning you can try your hand at windsurfing, wakeboarding, and more, depending on your chosen preference.



The benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness are well known.

The practices have been around for thousands of years in different religions and areas. But with the rise of Youtube and mobile apps, it’s never been easier to get involved with the basics.

If you want a community feel, you’ll find there are loads of local yoga classes, with some including different twists, such as hot yoga.


Join a sports team

It could be netball, football, or even dodgeball, yet joining a sports team immerses you in the sport.

Not only will you get to practice and compete on a more regular basis, honing your skills, but you’ll be surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

Others who love the sport and the same things you do, giving you a real fun, community feel to the sport you love.



Whether you have a passion that you want to blog about, or you have the talent to create a novel, writing is one of the new hobbies to try where you can unleash your creativity.

There are no excuses with writing. You can get a pen and pad for less than £1 and get started. If you prefer a computer and you don’t have one, you can get a free library card and spend most of the day on one.

Writing is a cathartic way of unloading your thoughts, emotions, and ideas.



Whilst it’s proving difficult to explore abroad currently, staycations are taking off.

We’re more blessed in the UK than what we give ourselves credit for. From stunning mountain ranges to expansive countryside, we’ve got an abundance of natural beauty.

Combine that with metropolitan and diverse cities, and there’s no reason not to get on local adventures.



As mentioned above, the natural environment in the UK can be beautiful.

Being out in Mother Nature has a range of health benefits, and allows you to connect with the environment. Hiking and camping can be a great challenge and workout, but some of the sights that you’ll get will be unrivalled.

Get out there to see it, instead of on the TV.


Go to gigs

Music connects with us like very little else.

When seeing music performed live, not only are you enjoying the songs, but you are engaged with it alongside hundreds or thousands of people.

When there’s a connection between that many people, all focused on one thing, then the atmosphere between these like-minded individuals can be intense, yet incredible.


Study courses

There’s been a huge rise in online courses pop up in the last few years.

Regardless of your background or interests, there’s something for everyone. Whether that be administrative, sport, legal, literature, business, or whatever else, there are numerous free (and paid) ways to advance yourself.


This list of new hobbies to try is just the tip of the iceberg.

Whatever you enjoy, find a way of partaking in it. Check out job boards, university groups, library notice areas, Google, Facebook groups, whatever you can find. Once you’ve found something that lights a fire in you, you’ll go from boredom to believer very quickly.

When you start engaging with those eight free hours, your life will start becoming much more fun.


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