Taking a leap into the unknown can seem scary, but is it as scary as another 12 months in a job that you hate? Working a season abroad allows you to take that plunge, but in the most exhilarating way.

If you’ve got a hobby that you enjoy, employers abroad are looking for staff who can translate that passion into great customer service. Not only are they getting an engaged staff member who provides top-level service, but you’re getting a chance to work abroad in an idyllic setting, doing something you love. It can also be a fantastic catalyst for a new career, one which you may not have known existed. Many do not realise the opportunity that is waiting out there to follow the path you actually want to follow. Many see their hobby as passing fun or even a pipe dream that is unachievable.

They’re wrong.

Staff are always required overseas and sometimes there’s even a lack of quality, well-trained members. The most important thing is to know where to look, as when you do, you’ll have all sorts of options at your fingertips.

Below, we’ve listed a few hobbies that can land you a job working a season abroad. This is not a definitive list, and each opportunity tends to accommodate an even great range of activities. So if you’re interested in following your passion and loving the work you do, check out the hobbies you can turn into a season abroad.



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Being one of the more well known season hobbies, ski and snowboard seasons have been part of the fabric of seasons abroad for decades.

From Europe to North America or even New Zealand, ski season jobs are available and employers always seek staff who love the snow. You can break these ski roles down further, into the likes of ski instruction, maintenance, hospitality, customer service and more. By having a background in skiing, even from holidays, you’re displaying your knowledge and understanding of general ski work. It sets you up well for applying for jobs on the slopes, well before you even start talking about your professional experience.

Ski roles, either on or off the mountain, mean you’re right in the middle of the ski season lifestyle, and on your days off, you’re free to shred till your heart’s content.


  • Season Abroad Opportunities Available – Direct Placements with Ski Employers, Ski Work Agencies, Indoor Ski Slopes



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For the water babies out there, watersports jobs provide the ultimate thrill away from land.

It’s a sector that covers a huge range of activities, including water-skiing and wakeboarding. So if you have some experience in one of your preferred disciplines, you’ll be set up well. Watersports instructors tend to have to cover several roles, such as driving the powerboats or operating the cables. Although personal experience helps, these pieces of equipment required a trained hand, so it’s worth investing in the relevant qualifications in advance of applying.

If you do, it’s always summer somewhere. There’s no shortage of offers for trained watersports staff, so you can take your pick.


  • Season Abroad Opportunities available – Summer Camps, Resorts, Cruises, Individual Watersports Centres


Rock Climbing

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Rock climbing has had a surge in the UK in the last few years, with climbing centres and bouldering walls popping up everywhere.

It’s allowed a much more accessible entry into the hobby, whilst also employing loads of people in the sector. It’s also popular in holiday destinations and for children at summer camp, so experienced and trained rock climbing staff are always in high demand. If you’ve grown up rock climbing, or enjoy doing it in the evenings, it is worth seeing if your local centre offers any further courses for you to upskill.

If you do, it will jump you to the head of the queue during any rock climbing job application process.


  • Season Abroad Opportunities available – Summer Camps, Resorts, Cruises, Climbing Centres Abroad, Outdoor Activity Providers


Arts & Crafts

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For the more creative amongst us, arts and crafts roles are available jobs for a season abroad.

It is a staple part of summer camp life for kids, who love to show off their artistic flair for their parents back home. There are also loads of other children activity centres or daycares, which put creativity and fun high on the list for children’s wellbeing.

If you’ve got experience with children, even babysitting family members, you’ll have no problem in securing an arts and crafts season abroad.


  • Season Abroad Opportunities Available – Summer Camps, Children’s Centres, Daycares, Kids Clubs, Cruises



Dancing & Performing

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Being a natural-born entertainer is a talent that you should share with others, whether through guiding the next generation of dancers, or delighting those who enjoy watching it.

Such instructors or entertainers are sought after, especially if you’ve had some sort of previous formal experience. If not, see if you can top up your passion with a relevant course, even if it’s an evening or weekend one.

Making those movements show you’re willing to take forward steps in your dance career.


  • Season Abroad Opportunities Available – Summer Camps, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Party Seasons, Dance Schools


Scuba Diving

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The underwater world is as engrossing as what it is unknown.

Anyone who has ever been scuba diving will know that the deep blue sea holds lots of unanswered questions, but the fun you get trying to find out is exhilarating. What comes with the territory though, is a lot of risks. You won’t be able to jump straight into a scuba diving job; you’ll need to have a proven background in the water. Health and safety are huge when it comes to taking people underwater, so if you haven’t already, it’s worth getting qualified up to at least open water, the industry-standard entry-level course. From here, options start opening up to work in scuba shops abroad, where you can trade time working on the land for your Divemaster qualification.

It’s the perfect way to learn all areas of the industry whilst training up, meaning you’ll be a well-rounded scuba professional by the end of it.


  • Season Abroad Opportunities available – Scuba Diving Providers, Resorts, Summer Camps


Playing an Instrument

Credit: Unsplash.

If you’re musically inclined, there are loads of different opportunities available, depending on the path you want to take.

Embrace the freedom of a gap year, where you busk by day and do the bar scene by night. Or, you could teach the next generation of musicians the basics at summer camp.

You won’t need a formal qualification (although it’s a bonus), as your art talks for itself. 


  • Season Abroad Opportunities available – Gap Years (busking, bar slots), Resorts, Music Venues, Summer Camps, Cruises



Credit: Unsplash.

Capturing the perfect image doesn’t just capture a moment, but it allows you to tell a story to others, which could one day inspire them to take the exact same journey.

This is why photography is such a sought after skill because it allows a destination, area, or activity to showcase the very best at what they do. If you’re always searching for the best shot, then working a season abroad as a photographer will allow you to travel the world and curate content that very few will ever get to see.


  • Season Abroad Opportunities available – Everywhere



Credit: Unsplash.

If you’re thinking “I love to socialise, but there are no jobs for that”, you’d be wrong.

Being a social butterfly means you’re able to engage a wide range of people in having an amazing time. Facilitating those moments is a skill and venues world-wide are looking for those people. Depending on who you are as a person, you could be a host at a hotel in Greece. Or, you could be rallying people up for socials in a hostel in Thailand. Maybe you could be a ticket seller for a national event provider in Ibiza.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to get right involved in the action and show others the best the area has to offer.


  • Season Abroad Opportunities available – Party Seasons, Accommodations, Resorts



Working a season abroad doesn’t mean settling for any job and living for the weekend to explore. If you’ve got a passion, with skills to back it up, you’re a highly sought after staff member-in-waiting. Don’t think of your hobby as something only you care about, share your skills with the world and love your 9-5. If you do, it won’t feel like you’re working at all.


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